Does Anyone Need Help On Deciding Their Outfit Of The Day?

5 Helpful Wardrobe Hacks

Style isn’t just what you put on your body. Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak. Check your mood and then reflect how you feel. Fashion gives you an great opportunity for freedom of self expression. Experiment with fashion, mix it up, and be inspired by fashion.

1. Turn Your Pajamas Into An Outfit 

Brittni Mealy transformed a $5 Thrift Store pajama set and created it into an outfit. To learn more on how she completed the look, visit: The Life of Brittni App on iTunes and Android.

Style your pajamas with your favorite pumps, and a fancy clutch to not give it an I didn’t just roll out of bed feel.

Accessorize your pajama set with a pair of sunglasses to add detail to your look.

2. Make It All About The Accessories 

Make it all about the accessories and pair your boots with a pair of low-cut net stockings to take your shoe selfie to the next-level. Let your favorite boots guide your outfit choice, then make sure whatever you choose puts them in the spotlight.

Accessories can play a huge part in your outfit. Play dress up and style your look with sunglasses, shoes, a purse, and jewelry that do the talking.

3. Style It With Sneakers 

Whether it’s sneakers with jeans or skirts and dresses, a fresh pair of them will make your outfit pop.

You don’t always have to suit up with business shoes and a suitcase. Switch up your wardrobe and pair your suit with a casual pair of sneakers.

4. Add Your Jean Jacket To The Mix

Transform your look from plain jane to a denim remix by simply adding a denim jacket to your outfit of the day.

Kids can be stylish and fabulous in denim too.

5. Style It With A Scarf/Bandanna 

Do something different and add a scarf to your wardrobe to complete your outfit. You may never want to take it off.

FASHION TIP: Coordinate Your Closet/Mix & Match

Coordinate your closet to reveal a fresh new line of clothing, instead of going out to the malls to spend more money on clothes and shoes. Bring out your old styles and mix & match with new fashion trends.

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“Expectation is a powerful attractive force. Expect the things you want and don’t expect the things you don’t want.”